Face It: Winning the War on Acne
  • Face It: Winning the War on Acne
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Powerful Information That Exposes the Truth About Acne

Leading edge research to help you clear your skin. This insightful book was an Amazon #1 Bestseller and will provide you the education you need to know your acne, how to help prevent it, and how to help clear it.

Table Of Contents

1. My Story

2. A Short History of Acne

3. You Are Not Alone

4. The Amazing Human Body and Acne

5. Factors That May Impact Acne

6. What You Eat and How You Supplement Really Does Matter

7. Is “Oil Free” the Correct Method?

8. Accutane and Its Knockoff Brands

9. The Ultimate Treatment

Doctor Recommended

“The book helps to bring forward the twenty-first-century approach to health, which is a functional, systematic approach that leads to a cure rather than merely controlling the symptoms. Anyone who chooses to follow this book’s recommendations will likely not only rid themselves of the curse of acne but also enjoy a much healthier and happy life.”

Dr. Leonard Smith, MD
Author and Integrative Medicine Expert

“…simple, natural remedies and supplements to heal the root cause of your acne and enjoy perfect skin! I love Kyle’s natural approach for achieving beautiful skin without the use of dangerous medications.”

Dr. Suzy Cohen, RPh

“…an extraordinarily well-researched, comprehensive book that reveals what few dermatologists will tell you…along with the many nutritional options not taught in medical schools. Put what Kyle uncovers to the test and you, too, can fi nd yourself free from acne!”

Dr. Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom

“This meticulously researched book offers hope to those trapped in the conundrum of acne, providing a solution with strategies that can help so many.”

Dr. Tamara Mariea, PhD, CCN

“…easy-to-follow, evidence-based acne solutions that can empower even the most discouraged teenagers and adults to take control of their skin health...this manual should be on every high schooler’s reading list!”

Dr. Adam C. Miller, DDS, MD

“This book achieves a breakthrough for anyone seeking the root causes and lifelong solutions for acne. Beyond the chemical poisons pushed by product manufacturers, there’s a far more natural and healthy way to discover healthy, clean skin. Kyle Craichy’s book is a voice of wisdom and reason in a world that’s full of poison and toxicity.”

Mike Adams

“Craichy does a masterful job of illuminating the reader about the science behind this dreadful skin disorder. But he doesn’t leave you hanging! He provides a step-by-step road map on how to use hydration, proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and essential oils to say good-bye to acne once and for all.”

Ty M. Bollinger